Year In Review: 2015

So much has changed in the course of a year.  My husband and I moved away from our cozy lodgings and wonderful friends in Berkeley, California to a new spacious home and family in Atlanta, Georgia.  We’re on a new adventure meeting people, spending time with family, and both working as full-time freelancers.

I’m so grateful for all those I’ve photographed in 2015 — the couples, individuals, and families who invited me into their lives to witness and capture a few moments.

I can’t wait to see what comes in 2016.

Han and Joe-59 Drew + Elise Standards-172 Katie and Timothy-56 Sylvie + Brian Newborns-42 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-080
Danielle + Ron-32 Kim Kane-48 Monique Williams-49 Adela-041 Nayomi + Whit Wedding Standards-151 Drew + Elise Standards-193 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-003 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-028 Drew + Elise Standards-208 Ariel + Christoph City Hall-3 Swann-18 Angelica + Hudson-46 Amanda + Ryan-01 Bobby and Stephanie Standards-002 Bobby and Stephanie Standards-041 Bobby and Stephanie Standards-074 Nayomi + Whit Wedding Standards-215 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-093 Viridiana-47 Drew + Elise Standards-086 Katie and Timothy-10 Ellie-33 Ashwini + Anand Maternity-03 Lindsey + Ricky-23 Justices-14 Justices-06 Crestmoor Park 2015-1 Leila Solo-1 Sanae-42 Katie and Timothy-52 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-282 Drew + Elise Standards-014 Drew + Elise Standards-089 Drew + Elise Standards-549 Drew + Elise Standards-008 Ariel + Christoph Piedmont-53 Danielle + Ron-61 Sanae-16 Carol Hacket-54 Kaniesha-5 Natalie Six Months-125 Amanda Osborne-06 Jenny + Alex Fall Engagement-33 Daniela Uslan-07 Han and Joe-12 Katie and Timothy-16 Amanda Villaveces-078 Natalie Newborn-27 Arlo 3 weeks-54 Swann-69 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-369 Julia + Dale-44 Natalie Newborn-119 Julia + Dale-93 Shaneeka-23 Ariel + Christoph City Hall-227 Justices-22 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-328 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-289

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