Victoria and Vaughn: An Elegant California Wedding

Victoria and Vaughn are one of the most energetic, loving, and charismatic couples I’ve ever met.  Victoria laughed and cheered through the entire wedding, and Vaughn looked at her with such admiration, such joy.  And the sentiments were absolutely contagious.

I second-shot this wedding with Anna Wu in the middle of Northern California at the Ruby Hill Golf Club.

Victoria + Vaughn-19 Victoria + Vaughn-47 Victoria + Vaughn-05 Victoria + Vaughn-43 Victoria + Vaughn-37 Victoria + Vaughn-32 Victoria + Vaughn-24 Victoria + Vaughn-28

Victoria + Vaughn-46 Victoria + Vaughn-49 Victoria + Vaughn-50 Victoria + Vaughn-53 Victoria + Vaughn-54 Victoria + Vaughn-56 Victoria + Vaughn-59 Victoria + Vaughn-60 Victoria + Vaughn-62 Victoria + Vaughn-63 Victoria + Vaughn-65 Victoria + Vaughn-66 Victoria + Vaughn-68 Victoria + Vaughn-69 Victoria + Vaughn-70 Victoria + Vaughn-74 Victoria + Vaughn-76 Victoria + Vaughn-77 Victoria + Vaughn-80 Victoria + Vaughn-94 Victoria + Vaughn-95 Victoria + Vaughn-85 Victoria + Vaughn-88 Victoria + Vaughn-98 Victoria + Vaughn-100

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