The Perfect Addition | Atlanta Newborn Photograpy

When I asked Bethlehem if she was excited for her two older children, ages 3 and 6, to come in and meet her hours-old newborn, she said she was thrilled.  Her children were getting ready to meet their new lifelong best friend, she said.

There was something so beautiful and simple about the way the children interacted with each other.  They seemed completely relaxed, happy to be there, and happy to be near their new sister.  They wanted to be near the baby, to touch her, to feel the texture of her hair, and softness of her arms and legs.  They were gentle and cautious, but also confident.  This new person is their person. To hold and love and adore.

It’s one of the mysteries and beauties of family.  An additional person doesn’t subtract, only adds: love, affection, joy.


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