From beginning to end, this wedding, which I second-shot with Sorella Muse Photography in Los Angeles, was all about joy and love and happiness.  The bride and groom were consistently so sweet, so appreciative, so loving — and not only with each other, but all of their guests and strangers they passed on the street.  It was a real treat just to be near these two on their big day.

It’s the kind of celebration that kind of knocks you over — I laughed — and occasionally cried tears of joy — through the whole event.

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Leiba, my nearly-ten-month-old niece, is an absolute light in all of our lives. When my husband and I go to Denver to visit family, we all want pictures with the baby.  Formal portraits.  Aunts and uncles, grandparents, parents.  We all want in with the little one.  Here are a few of my favorites (including one of me with Leiba, taken by my lovely mother, Deanne!).  As you may notice, Leiba just learned how to clap.

Leiba Formals 8.2014-47

Leiba Formals 8.2014-35 Leiba Formals 8.2014-26 Leiba Formals 8.2014-14 Leiba Formals 8.2014-11 Leiba Formals 8.2014-6 Leiba Formals 8.2014-38 Leiba Formals 8.2014-39 Leiba Formals 8.2014-54 Leiba Formals 8.2014-51 Leiba Formals 8.2014-57

Leiba Formals 8.2014-20

Maria and James come from two totally different worlds: one from a family of Filipinos, and one from Guam.  Surrounded by their tremendous families and friends, the two tied the knot in a traditional Catholic ceremony in Rodeo, California, and finished the evening with dancing and dinner in a neighboring town at the Crocket Community Center.

The priest began the ceremony remarking on how totally detail-oriented both bride and groom are, and it showed — from the shoes of the ring bearers to the handmade birch wood wedding favors.

The playful couple first met, appropriately, at a Gamer MeetUp in Berkeley five years ago, and the wedding reflected that joy and lightness throughout.

Maria + James-25 Maria + James-38 Maria + James-42 Maria + James-49 Maria + James-57 Maria + James-60 Maria + James-63 Maria + James-69 Maria + James-77 Maria + James-78 Maria + James-84 Maria + James-93 Maria + James-88 Maria + James-129 Maria + James-132 Maria + James-145 Maria + James-149 Maria + James-153 Maria + James-151 Maria + James-155 Maria + James-161 Maria + James-160 Maria + James-193 Maria + James-213 Maria + James-211 Maria + James-236 Maria + James-162 Maria + James-214 Maria + James-284 Maria + James-253 Maria + James-313 Maria + James-309 Maria + James-334 Maria + James-331 Maria + James-327 Maria + James-358 Maria + James-388 Maria + James-387 Maria + James-392 Maria + James-427 Maria + James-424 Maria + James-407 Maria + James-409

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