2016 has been an incredible year.  One so bursting with joy and change and light and love that I can barely stand it.  I’ve had the honor of photographing weddings, newborns, engagements, birthdays.  I’ve met so many countless fascinating and remarkable people.  Photography is a distinctly intimate and deeply human activity, and I always feel touched to be invited into your families and your lives.

This year I’ve also had a major change in my personal life.  In October, I gave birth to our first baby.  It’s been a sensational experience getting to know our beautiful tiny friend.  I’ve included some portraits of him at the bottom of the post.

I can’t wait to see what 2017 brings!

austin-menucha-wedding-001 lizzie-and-brent-41 mccall-adam-engagements-29 austin-menucha-wedding-008 monica-41 austin-menucha-wedding-612 ann-brooks-42 ann-brooks-66 sissi-ken-engagements-17 sissi-ken-8x10-035 sissi-ken-8x10-008 lizzie-and-brent-19 sissi-ken-8x10-126 austin-menucha-wedding-495 maria-01 sarah-dawson-37 kristen-sloan-022
liana-16 sissi-ken-8x10-013 austin-menucha-wedding-156 lizzie-and-brent-12 austin-menucha-wedding-410 leiba-may-2016-01
lizzie-and-brent-60 jessie-and-taylor-engagement-22 tess-james-maternity-30 victoria-47 chizara-22 aya-nov-2016-13
nneka-33 kyla-34 liana-18 victoria-32 football-at-thanksgiving-2016-11
dina-01 ozi-portraits-august-2016-01
tess-james-dec-2016-55 austin-menucha-wedding-403 eri-akiva-13-days-old-05 eri-day-20-24 eri-10-weeks-01

Sissi and Ken’s beautiful wedding at Carl House was a sight to behold.  The location is incredibly lush and beautiful, a quaint old Southern house.  The bride and groom were just glowing, and all day long they were both buzzing with excitement and joy.   sissi-ken-8x10-001 sissi-ken-8x10-002 sissi-ken-8x10-004 sissi-ken-8x10-018 sissi-ken-8x10-015 sissi-ken-8x10-048 sissi-ken-8x10-049 sissi-ken-8x10-054 sissi-ken-8x10-011 sissi-ken-8x10-058 sissi-ken-8x10-082 sissi-ken-8x10-121 sissi-ken-8x10-096 sissi-ken-8x10-122 sissi-ken-8x10-126 sissi-ken-8x10-125 sissi-ken-8x10-016 sissi-ken-8x10-071 sissi-ken-8x10-077 sissi-ken-8x10-078 sissi-ken-8x10-073 sissi-ken-8x10-141 sissi-ken-8x10-010 sissi-ken-8x10-148 sissi-ken-8x10-149 sissi-ken-8x10-193 sissi-ken-8x10-208 sissi-ken-8x10-210 sissi-ken-8x10-222 sissi-ken-8x10-268 sissi-ken-8x10-274 sissi-ken-8x10-289 sissi-ken-8x10-294 sissi-ken-8x10-303 sissi-ken-8x10-320 sissi-ken-8x10-013 sissi-ken-8x10-023 sissi-ken-8x10-035 sissi-ken-8x10-031 sissi-ken-8x10-367 sissi-ken-8x10-008 sissi-ken-8x10-492 sissi-ken-8x10-496

There’s nothing like looking at your wedding photographs in print.  Your wedding isn’t just the ceremony, it isn’t just the toasts, it isn’t just the dancing.  It’s the complete story, including hundreds of moments and details.  A wedding album collects these moments in time in a beautiful, simple and complete way.

I design each album personally, and these handmade, flush-mount, cloth-bound albums are a perfect way to preserve and relive your memories for decades, and generations, to come.

Sissi + Ken finished album photos-03 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-04 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-17 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-16 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-23 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-27 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-24 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-25 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-26 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-13 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-19 Sissi + Ken finished album photos-22

This day.  This shining, bright, beautiful Atlanta day.  I arrived at the Park Tavern in Piedmont Park already filled with the kind of anticipation and joy that only comes with knowing that the bride and groom of the day are so perfectly matched, so beautifully aligned and in love.  Menucha and Austin are two of the most genuinely loving, gentle, kind-hearted and wonderful people I know.  It was so much fun seeing them come together on their wedding day, surrounded by the boundless love of their communities.  A truly beautiful modern Jewish wedding, this event had it all.  It’s impossible to say which was my favorite part.  Was it the bedekken — where the bride and groom saw each other for the first time in days — surrounded by the dancing, singing community?  Or maybe it was the ceremony, where Menucha and Austin so lovingly held on to each other, and read their wonderful vows?  Or maybe it was the dancing after the ceremony.  So. much. dancing.

I feel so lucky that I got to be there, let alone be inside so many intimate moments of the day.   Austin + Menucha Wedding-001 Austin + Menucha Wedding-006 Austin + Menucha Wedding-007 Austin + Menucha Wedding-014 Austin + Menucha Wedding-015 Austin + Menucha Wedding-019 Austin + Menucha Wedding-022 Austin + Menucha Wedding-021 Austin + Menucha Wedding-025 Austin + Menucha Wedding-026 Austin + Menucha Wedding-030 Austin + Menucha Wedding-031 Austin + Menucha Wedding-035

Austin + Menucha Wedding-044 Austin + Menucha Wedding-095 Austin + Menucha Wedding-096 Austin + Menucha Wedding-102 Austin + Menucha Wedding-104 Austin + Menucha Wedding-106 Austin + Menucha Wedding-109 Austin + Menucha Wedding-111 Austin + Menucha Wedding-113 Austin + Menucha Wedding-117 Austin + Menucha Wedding-120 Austin + Menucha Wedding-122 Austin + Menucha Wedding-132 Austin + Menucha Wedding-135 Austin + Menucha Wedding-137 Austin + Menucha Wedding-140 Austin + Menucha Wedding-143 Austin + Menucha Wedding-156 Austin + Menucha Wedding-158 Austin + Menucha Wedding-164 Austin + Menucha Wedding-166 Austin + Menucha Wedding-165 Austin + Menucha Wedding-169 Austin + Menucha Wedding-172 Austin + Menucha Wedding-176 Austin + Menucha Wedding-180 Austin + Menucha Wedding-186 Austin + Menucha Wedding-187 Austin + Menucha Wedding-222 Austin + Menucha Wedding-223 Austin + Menucha Wedding-224 Austin + Menucha Wedding-227 Austin + Menucha Wedding-231 Austin + Menucha Wedding-322 Austin + Menucha Wedding-326 Austin + Menucha Wedding-336 Austin + Menucha Wedding-341 Austin + Menucha Wedding-346 Austin + Menucha Wedding-347 Austin + Menucha Wedding-348 Austin + Menucha Wedding-351 Austin + Menucha Wedding-360 Austin + Menucha Wedding-361 Austin + Menucha Wedding-362 Austin + Menucha Wedding-375 Austin + Menucha Wedding-381 Austin + Menucha Wedding-392 Austin + Menucha Wedding-403 Austin + Menucha Wedding-410 Austin + Menucha Wedding-411 Austin + Menucha Wedding-412 Austin + Menucha Wedding-419 Austin + Menucha Wedding-422 Austin + Menucha Wedding-440 Austin + Menucha Wedding-442 Austin + Menucha Wedding-459 Austin + Menucha Wedding-460 Austin + Menucha Wedding-474 Austin + Menucha Wedding-480 Austin + Menucha Wedding-494 Austin + Menucha Wedding-495 Austin + Menucha Wedding-496 Austin + Menucha Wedding-535 Austin + Menucha Wedding-537 Austin + Menucha Wedding-539 Austin + Menucha Wedding-545 Austin + Menucha Wedding-549 Austin + Menucha Wedding-555 Austin + Menucha Wedding-556 Austin + Menucha Wedding-558 Austin + Menucha Wedding-561 Austin + Menucha Wedding-570 Austin + Menucha Wedding-589 Austin + Menucha Wedding-582 Austin + Menucha Wedding-592 Austin + Menucha Wedding-594 Austin + Menucha Wedding-597 Austin + Menucha Wedding-603 Austin + Menucha Wedding-605 Austin + Menucha Wedding-612

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