This gorgeous Northern California Wedding took me far outside of what I had come to expect from our chilly, foggy area of the globe.  It was dry, dusty, and a bit bleak driving out to The Holly Farm.  As soon as I arrived at the venue, though, the desert gave way to a small but undeniably lush haven.  Quirky nicknacks and quaint and unique details made the location pop with personality and pizzaz.  And the bride and groom were equally bubbly and energetic.  The celebration went on and on, with outpourings of love, and absolutely fabulous dancing.  Dancing dancing dancing.


I second shot this wedding with Gabriel Harber Photography.

Lizzie and Brent-17 Lizzie and Brent-18 Lizzie and Brent-19 Lizzie and Brent-03 Lizzie and Brent-04 Lizzie and Brent-05 Lizzie and Brent-06 Lizzie and Brent-08 Lizzie and Brent-09 Lizzie and Brent-10 Lizzie and Brent-12 Lizzie and Brent-13 Lizzie and Brent-15 Lizzie and Brent-14 Lizzie and Brent-22 Lizzie and Brent-24 Lizzie and Brent-34 Lizzie and Brent-37 Lizzie and Brent-41 Lizzie and Brent-43 Lizzie and Brent-44 Lizzie and Brent-49 Lizzie and Brent-53 Lizzie and Brent-62 Lizzie and Brent-63 Lizzie and Brent-64 Lizzie and Brent-60 Lizzie and Brent-65 Lizzie and Brent-67 Lizzie and Brent-68 Lizzie and Brent-72 Lizzie and Brent-74 Lizzie and Brent-76 Lizzie and Brent-77 Lizzie and Brent-79 Lizzie and Brent-82 Lizzie and Brent-86 Lizzie and Brent-88 Lizzie and Brent-55


Victoria and Vaughn are one of the most energetic, loving, and charismatic couples I’ve ever met.  Victoria laughed and cheered through the entire wedding, and Vaughn looked at her with such admiration, such joy.  And the sentiments were absolutely contagious.

I second-shot this wedding with Anna Wu in the middle of Northern California at the Ruby Hill Golf Club.

Victoria + Vaughn-19 Victoria + Vaughn-47 Victoria + Vaughn-05 Victoria + Vaughn-43 Victoria + Vaughn-37 Victoria + Vaughn-32 Victoria + Vaughn-24 Victoria + Vaughn-28

Victoria + Vaughn-46 Victoria + Vaughn-49 Victoria + Vaughn-50 Victoria + Vaughn-53 Victoria + Vaughn-54 Victoria + Vaughn-56 Victoria + Vaughn-59 Victoria + Vaughn-60 Victoria + Vaughn-62 Victoria + Vaughn-63 Victoria + Vaughn-65 Victoria + Vaughn-66 Victoria + Vaughn-68 Victoria + Vaughn-69 Victoria + Vaughn-70 Victoria + Vaughn-74 Victoria + Vaughn-76 Victoria + Vaughn-77 Victoria + Vaughn-80 Victoria + Vaughn-94 Victoria + Vaughn-95 Victoria + Vaughn-85 Victoria + Vaughn-88 Victoria + Vaughn-98 Victoria + Vaughn-100

There are moments when Atlanta feels entirely foreign, a brand new planet set for endless exploration.  I am totally in love with its wilderness.  It’s been called a city in a forest, and that feels so true.  Like the greenery could so easily take over the modest homes in our neighborhood, leaving us with nothing but giant, breathtaking woods.  This little spot of forest is near our home, and I can’t help but breathe more deeply when I’m there.  It was especially wonderful to explore with a young, beautiful Atlanta family.

Nakita-10 Nakita-08 Nakita-02 Nakita-03 Nakita-12 Nakita-13 Nakita-14 Nakita-21 Nakita-24 Nakita-26 Nakita-31 Nakita-32 Nakita-40 Nakita-72

So much has changed in the course of a year.  My husband and I moved away from our cozy lodgings and wonderful friends in Berkeley, California to a new spacious home and family in Atlanta, Georgia.  We’re on a new adventure meeting people, spending time with family, and both working as full-time freelancers.

I’m so grateful for all those I’ve photographed in 2015 — the couples, individuals, and families who invited me into their lives to witness and capture a few moments.

I can’t wait to see what comes in 2016.

Han and Joe-59 Drew + Elise Standards-172 Katie and Timothy-56 Sylvie + Brian Newborns-42 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-080
Danielle + Ron-32 Kim Kane-48 Monique Williams-49 Adela-041 Nayomi + Whit Wedding Standards-151 Drew + Elise Standards-193 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-003 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-028 Drew + Elise Standards-208 Ariel + Christoph City Hall-3 Swann-18 Angelica + Hudson-46 Amanda + Ryan-01 Bobby and Stephanie Standards-002 Bobby and Stephanie Standards-041 Bobby and Stephanie Standards-074 Nayomi + Whit Wedding Standards-215 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-093 Viridiana-47 Drew + Elise Standards-086 Katie and Timothy-10 Ellie-33 Ashwini + Anand Maternity-03 Lindsey + Ricky-23 Justices-14 Justices-06 Crestmoor Park 2015-1 Leila Solo-1 Sanae-42 Katie and Timothy-52 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-282 Drew + Elise Standards-014 Drew + Elise Standards-089 Drew + Elise Standards-549 Drew + Elise Standards-008 Ariel + Christoph Piedmont-53 Danielle + Ron-61 Sanae-16 Carol Hacket-54 Kaniesha-5 Natalie Six Months-125 Amanda Osborne-06 Jenny + Alex Fall Engagement-33 Daniela Uslan-07 Han and Joe-12 Katie and Timothy-16 Amanda Villaveces-078 Natalie Newborn-27 Arlo 3 weeks-54 Swann-69 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-369 Julia + Dale-44 Natalie Newborn-119 Julia + Dale-93 Shaneeka-23 Ariel + Christoph City Hall-227 Justices-22 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-328 Julia + Dale Wedding Standards-289

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