The entire day leading up to this absolutely beautiful engagement session, the weather was threatening to keep us out of the Denver Botanic Gardens.  There were dark clouds, occasional winds.  But we decided to just go for it.

As soon as we showed up, it started raining.  Of course.  At first just a sprinkle, but then a huge downpour.  Thankfully we’d ducked into the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory, which basically looks and feels like a tropical jungle.  We spent the entire rainstorm exploring, and as soon as it let up and sun began peeking through the dark clouds, we got outside and spent the rest of the shoot wandering through the gorgeous outdoor gardens.

It’s no wonder that Yael and Max wanted their engagement shoot in those gardens.  The space reflects them so well: meticulously cared for, beautifully kept, absolutely lovely.  Ya and Max are such a sweet, joyful, loving couple.  Their love for each other runs so deep.  It was a delight to spend the afternoon with them.


One of the first things Melissa and Jay told me prior to their big day is that they did not want a typical wedding.  They made sure I knew it would not be by the book.  No cake cutting, no toasts.  The ceremony was reserved for family, a small, intimate gathering. Car-loads of friends arrived just in time for cocktails, dinner and dancing.

Chukkar Farm is a family-owned farm and polo club in the midst of miles of lush green rolling Georgia hills.  On the way to the wedding site, I passed 19th Century family graveyards, and welcoming little benches tucked quietly under sprawling oak trees.  When I arrived at Chukkar, I was greeted by friendly horses coming right up to the fence, and the two farm dogs not far behind.  The place is loaded with antique horse trinkets and polo memorabilia.  The bar stools are made of old saddles, and the walls are covered with paintings of polo matches of yore.

It was, as is to be expected in Georgia in June, a muggy, thick summer day.  But Melissa, the gracious and happy bride, didn’t seem to notice.  Before she went in to put on her dress, she walked quickly around the grounds, making sure flowers, food and drinks found their perfect place.

Once she was dressed, and Jay had arrived, the two walked together around the property, sweetly reassuring each other that the day was all about fun and love, and gently leading a horse, their sidekick for portraits, out of the barn and down the hill to the bridge.

And the day was all about fun.  From top to bottom.  It was loving and genuine and so very tasty, and fun.

I first met Alechia and Jolan in the spring for their maternity session.  It was such a joy getting to know them — they are so loving to each other that I knew they’d be just incredibly gentle and wonderful parents to their little one when he arrived.

And, just days after our session, baby Elijah made his first appearance.  Baby Elijah arrived on the scene ready to go.  In the few hours I was in their home, I didn’t see Elijah fuss one bit.  He was charming, alert, delightfully sweet and energetic.

This day was so beautiful, personal, and absolutely filled with love.  I had an amazing time documenting Becca and Kai’s intimate spring Jewish wedding.  Tucked in the back of a local Decatur Restaurant, Wahoo Grill, the two wonderful women tied the knot surrounded only by their closest friends and family.  The shofar was blown, Jewish melodies sung, vows read in English and Spanish.  There was dancing, a few tears, and so much love abound.  These two women are just so honestly themselves.  The ceremony and the celebration reflected them and their love for each other completely.

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