Jack + Noa: Joyfully Wed!

The always delightful, hilarious, thoughtful and sweet couple, Jack + Noa, married at the Piedmont Community Hall in Oakland.  The couple designed and set up most of the wedding themselves, with help from friends and family on the day.

Jack + Noa-11 Jack + Noa-1

Jack + Noa-3 Jack + Noa-8 Jack + Noa-20

Jack + Noa-22 Jack + Noa-25 Jack + Noa-41 Jack + Noa-46 Jack + Noa-52 Jack + Noa-58

Jack + Noa-70
Jack and Noa received their guests separately, separated by an open field and a few tall bushes.

Jack + Noa-76 Jack + Noa-78
Jack entertained guests in one part of the park and signed the marriage license, while a few in his family made l’chayims in the couple’s honor.

Jack + Noa-83 Jack + Noa-91
Noa, surrounded by loved ones, delivered blessings to anyone who wanted them and signed the marriage license in front of dear friends and legal witnesses.

Jack + Noa-92 Jack + Noa-97 Jack + Noa-99 Jack + Noa-104 Jack + Noa-108 Jack + Noa-112 Jack + Noa-123 Jack + Noa-136 Jack + Noa-145 Jack + Noa-150 Jack + Noa-169 Jack + Noa-170
Led by the band, Jack was danced toward Noa.

Jack + Noa-173 Jack + Noa-175 Jack + Noa-186 Jack + Noa-187

Jack saw Noa for the first time in a week.

Jack + Noa-190 Jack + Noa-192 Jack + Noa-201 Jack + Noa-203 Jack + Noa-218 Jack + Noa-220

Jack lowered Noa’s veil, and the couple separated once again, on their way to the chuppah for the ceremony.

Jack + Noa-223

Jack + Noa-225 Jack + Noa-231
Noa’s and Jack’s six siblings held the chuppah poles, and their parents stood by.

Jack + Noa-226 Jack + Noa-244 Jack + Noa-249 Jack + Noa-251 Jack + Noa-252

Jack + Noa-257 Jack + Noa-259 Jack + Noa-260 Jack + Noa-264 Jack + Noa-272 Jack + Noa-275 Jack + Noa-289 Jack + Noa-293 Jack + Noa-300 Jack + Noa-308 Jack + Noa-307 Jack + Noa-313 Jack + Noa-312

Jack + Noa-341 Jack + Noa-356 Jack + Noa-360 Jack + Noa-367 Jack + Noa-369 Jack + Noa-377
Throughout the day, the two love birds never lost sight of each other.

Jack + Noa-394 Jack + Noa-408 Jack + Noa-418
And there was dancing.  Hours and hours of dancing.

Jack + Noa-495

Noa and Jack danced separately at first, he with the men, and she with the women.

Jack + Noa-501 Jack + Noa-509 Jack + Noa-515 Jack + Noa-522 Jack + Noa-546

Friends and family danced to entertain the bride and groom, and to raise the souls of the couple’s future children.

Jack + Noa-552 Jack + Noa-558

Everyone with a baby rushed to where Jack and Noa were sitting on the dance floor, and placed their babies on the bride and groom’s laps.

Jack + Noa-603 Jack + Noa-618

Jack + Noa-623

Jack + Noa-626 Jack + Noa-630

And finally, the couple danced together again.

Jack + Noa-633

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