Felix + Bella: An Elegant Wedding

Felix and Bella were married on a beautiful October evening at Scott’s Garden in Walnut Creek, California.  The ceremony was personal and thoughtful, lovingly performed by Felix’s stepfather, Tom.  Each part of the evening was carefully prepared — from the beautiful and romantic chuppah, made of tulle and white lights, to the handmade guest book.  Both families speak Russian and English, and so the toasts were spoken in a loving combination of the two.  A few of the grandparents and parents had traveled all the way from Russia for the ceremony, and it was a touching and joy-filled reunion.

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Felix + Bella-329 Felix + Bella-339 Felix + Bella-374 Felix + Bella-382 Felix + Bella-388 Felix + Bella-353 Felix + Bella-354 Felix + Bella-326

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