Engaged at the Denver Botanic Gardens | Colorado Wedding Photographer

The entire day leading up to this absolutely beautiful engagement session, the weather was threatening to keep us out of the Denver Botanic Gardens.  There were dark clouds, occasional winds.  But we decided to just go for it.

As soon as we showed up, it started raining.  Of course.  At first just a sprinkle, but then a huge downpour.  Thankfully we’d ducked into the Boettcher Memorial Tropical Conservatory, which basically looks and feels like a tropical jungle.  We spent the entire rainstorm exploring, and as soon as it let up and sun began peeking through the dark clouds, we got outside and spent the rest of the shoot wandering through the gorgeous outdoor gardens.

It’s no wonder that Yael and Max wanted their engagement shoot in those gardens.  The space reflects them so well: meticulously cared for, beautifully kept, absolutely lovely.  Ya and Max are such a sweet, joyful, loving couple.  Their love for each other runs so deep.  It was a delight to spend the afternoon with them.


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