Elise + Drew: Engaged!

Elise and Drew are incredibly sweet together.  They both seemed a little nervous at the beginning of the session, and about 10 minutes in, Drew told me he finally understood why people often look so giggly and happy in engagement photos: they’re merely all laughing at each others’ awkwardness in front of the camera.  These two continued to laugh at each other and themselves, but after a few minutes, they had nearly forgotten all about the camera, and had all but melted into each other.  The excitement of their upcoming wedding next March has them both giddy with excitement.  It was an absolute treat to photograph them and get a taste of that energy and joy.

Elise + Drew-73 Elise + Drew-64 Elise + Drew-63 Elise + Drew-50 Elise + Drew-43 Elise + Drew-33 Elise + Drew-29

Elise + Drew-23 Elise + Drew-15

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