The more time I spend going to visit families just after birth, the more I feel it’s just where I’m meant to be.  The energy is quiet and electric at once.  A whole new person has entered into the world, and that’s almost hard to process.  These parents, these families, have been immeasurably changed, and being one of the first witnesses to the process is fascinating and beautiful.  There is a kind of relief in the air that speaks to something beyond the end of the physical pain of childbirth.  It’s a relief to finally know this person who is meant to change and form your family forever.  This person you’re so ready to love.

A few concepts just kept recurring through Jeff and Jannine’s wedding.  Kindness, generosity, love.  These two were brought together after each having been married and divorced.  They both bring children into the marriage, and their life is a kind of puzzle of activities and work schedules and road trips.  Jeff lived in Tennessee when they met, and yet they’ve made it all work so perfectly.  The friends and loved ones that gathered at their celebration couldn’t stop gushing about what wonderful people these two are, and how beautifully they fit together.

It’s humbling to be invited to document a wedding of individuals who genuinely, truly, completely love each other.  And what a celebration it was!  The ceremony at the Bahai Unity Center was touching and lovely, and the reception at the Solarium featured delicious food, amazing live music, and so much dancing.

I barely remember the hours after I gave birth to our 18 month old.  I remember being ecstatic, relieved, energized, dazed.  I didn’t quite recognize our little boy, who’d been hiccuping in my uterus for months on end.  He wasn’t extremely familiar, but he was precious and beautiful and present.  I remember holding him and sobbing for the first few minutes after birth, but after that, it was a blur of hamburgers and breastfeeding and visiting family and nurses in and out of the room.

A few pictures exist of those first few hours, but not the kind I crave.  I want to see the intimacy and exhaustion and bursts of emotion.  I want to relive those first moments when we became a family.

It’s always been a dream of mine that my photography and my business be a mechanism for capturing authentic joy.  Connection.  Attachment.  Love.  And in service of that mission, I’m beginning to offer Fresh 48 sessions.  Sessions that take place in the first 48 hours after birth, and ideally in the first 3 or 4.

And so it begins.  Baby Harper was born at 1am Saturday morning, and I made it to the hospital in time for her older brother to meet her for the first time that afternoon.  Needless to say, it was a perfect day.

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This gorgeous couple came to me just weeks before they welcomed their beautiful little boy.  I absolutely loved spending the evening with them.  That baby is coming into such a warm, love-filled family.  That love absolutely shine through the photographs.

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